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    • Naja, mit 5.8 scheint Korea wieder auf den alten Pfad zu springen, zumindest mit dem neuen 80er AP-Gear.

      Powerbook schrieb:

      1. High Commander Armor/Weapons/Wings can now be obtained through Equipment Evolution.

      - High Praetor and Elite Legionary items that can be purchased with 스피넬주화 can now be evolved.
      - When the enchanting process of the High Commander items fails, the item will not be destroyed and following rules apply.

      StagePenalty after failure
      0~10-1 level
      11~14Decreases to +10
      15~19Decreases to +15
      20 or moreDecreases to +20

      - Commander equipment is not tradeable, can only be traded once with Wrapping Scrolls once the item reaches +25.
      • Once consumed, the number of wrapping will not increase even after re-enchanting the item to the required level.
      - Enchanting the Commander gear can fail even when using Allmächtiger Verzauberungsstein with Mächtige Ankerhilfe (Mythisch).