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      FeelsPlebMan to be here and write in English after kicking some ppl from Aion EU facebook grp for talking German... but don't judge me pls! ;( . Anyway I was asked to post this here by the forum Mods, so here we go!

      I'm happy to announce that we are opening a new Aion EU Community Discord Server for everyone that wants to join there. Server is completely free and it has really nice features like Nick and Shugo emojis . Aion EU Community Discord

      Servers idea is to bring everything Aion related close to you. We have Aion patch update section that gets updated regurarily, active mods, possibility to organise PvP fights, 1v1, 3v3, 6v6, possibility to organise PvE raids or just simply trading, basically whatever you need. We will have some features for streamers and youtubers or just aion content makers in general and possibility to advertise it a bit aswell. Everything for everyone. Feel free to come chill and check it out. GF staff can also join to spy on the community

      If you are Aion content maker f.e. shop updates, patch updates, streaming... whatever. You can contact us and we can try to arrange something for you, f.e. give you your own section on the discord to promote your own content. We are trying to make an advertise for an advertise kind of deals to link everything Aion related content with each others and ppl can find it without any effort at all.

      Recently Soytos ranking tool for aion, Kelekelio, the founder of joined to support our cause and we are really thankful for it. At the moment we are waiting for replies of other content creators and tool makers aswell so there's more to come. As a positive twist we saw also some Gameforge forum Mods joining there aswell and talk with the other players :thumbup:

      Keep in mind though. Discord server is a bit more strict place than our Facebook grp so flaming is not allowed there . Unfortunately English is the only language allowed on public channels but there is also possibility to make private rooms for other languages. However, this is a feature only possible for few people and it will stay exclusice for now as we don't even want everyone to get splitted on private rooms. Hope you can understand this.

      Feel free to give us feedback for any improvements.

      Life is short so eat dessert first!

      Twitch: xKegi
      Youtube: xKegi
      Facebook: xKegi

      Admin of Aion EU Community facebook group
      Founder of Aion Eu Community Discord

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